Real Estate
Internet Marketing Mastery

An Underground Internet Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program By David Chong

Real Estate
Internet Marketing Mastery

An Underground Internet Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program By David Chong

Probably The Only Legit
Internet Marketing Course for Real Estate

Here's why...


RIMM is a complete system where you learn how to grow your list of prospects that compounds month over month.

RIMM Pioneer

Ivan Lee

The Master Map holds the key...

David has designed an intricate map. I can't say anything more than this

RIMM Pioneer

William Sim

An unconditional sharing culture

The takeaway from this training be it knowledge or friendship is simply amazing.

RIMM Member

Jeron Lee

The Dream Course I've Been Searching For

It isn't just a Digital Marketing course for Real Estate - It's an entire business system!

RIMM Pioneer

Ceekay Soh

Truly amazing & knowledge packed!

Both Valerie and David have taught me well and I will continue to improve! From a person who isn't tech-savvy I have gotten so much in-depth knowledge after the program.

RIMM Pioneer

Serene Ng

The Best IM Course I've attended

Out of all the internet marketing courses I attended in the past, I must say that the takeaways from this truly comprehensive course is the best and most valuable.

RIMM Pioneer

Lincoln Heng

The Innerworks.. Mind-blowing

Really grateful to have attended the course taught by David and Valerie.

While it will take time to master the skill, we know we are in good hands under the tutelage of David and Valerie and learning is much more fun with this awesome group of brothers and sisters!

RIMM Member

Danny Wong

Indeed a 👁 opener business model

It has been mind blowing to understand the innerworks of internet marketing.

While it will take time to master the skill, we know we are in good hands under the tutelage of David and Valerie and learning is much more fun with this awesome group of brothers and sisters from the Inner Circle!

RIMM Member

Alan Sim

The Internet Marketing Course to go for!

Thank you, David & Valerie for showing us the Master Map to which we can unlock the full potential of Internet Marketing.

Your selfless sharing and 100% transparency with us, the Inner Circle has really benefited us and I believe that this is THE Internet Marketing Course to go for!

RIMM Member

Eugene Chieng



adj: having or apparently having supernatural powers


Very comprehensive and the best part is that the system is proven.

David had been there and done that successfully! Thank you David & Valerie for sharing it completely with us. The knowledge imparted have been both eye-opening and inspiring!

I will definitely go far with the knowledge picked up throughout the 5 weeks. And it does not stop here. We are still sharing, learning and constantly improving ourselves in The Inner Circle. We learn together and bond together!

Onwards Pioneer team. See all of you at the TOP!​

RIMM Pioneer

Surely one of the most comprehensive course I’ve attended.

The Inner Circle is certainly a band of brothers that will stick with one another for life. The resort is just like our “Curahee Mountain”.

Thank you David & Valerie for providing a great environment and in-depth knowledge in the world of internet marketing!"

RIMM Pioneer

Mind-blowing Program

that allows you to see and

Connect the Dots

in Internet Marketing

Mastermind Trips

High-level overseas Mastermind sessions where students showcase and present their work, discuss underground strategies and receive constructive feedback in an open discussion manner.

Not for the faint hearted.​

It's a complex system. No member has ever presented a completed work during the Mastermind trip.

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The Pioneers

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The 2nd Circle

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The 3rd Circle

Meet the Circle

It's now or never

They say once you're in, you're in for life.

"The Inner Circle is certainly a band of brothers that will stick with one another for life."

Bryan Yee

Ceekay Soh

Den Jasmani

Diane Ong

Dickson Lee

Eday Ismail

Fiona Chaw

Ivan Lee

Lincoln Heng

Rell Cai

Serene Ng

Teddy Lim

Vincent Koh

William Sim

STOP! It's Here. All the underground secrets... Revealed

STOP looking around for the best or Most Effective Course, David will reveal all the Underground Secrets you need to know about Internet Marketing.

RIMM Pioneer

Dickson Lee

Simply a MIND-BLOWING Internet Marketing Course

We definitely had a hella good time together for the past 5 weeks. It’s one of those those highlight in one’s life that I will gladly re-live.

RIMM Pioneer

Eday Ismail

It's more than a program, it's now my extended family

I am so thankful to our amazing sifus David & Valerie. You have worked so hard with us.

You have been there every step of the way, patiently assisting and helping us, answering to all our qualms & questions. Without you guys, we would either be doing nothing or be doing it wrongly, firing bullets at ghosts.

RIMM Pioneer

Den Jasmani

An Extremely Comprehensive Internet Marketing Course

An excellent program created by master David and Valerie, RIMM is an intensive program that is comprehensive, knowledgeable and fun.

RIMM is truly one-of-a-kind, fantastic program with a powerful inner circle where like-minded individuals openly help one another to make the learning process digestible!

RIMM Pioneer

Vincent Koh



They enrolled not knowing what they will be learning. 

When asked, would they do that again?

(Yes, without a doubt)

When The Circle Unites

Would you do it again?

Sure, without a doubt. More than the course itself, the friendship and bond forged in the duration of the course with our fellow pioneers cannot be taken away.

Bryan Yee

Yes definitely, the unique part of the course compared to the rest is that there is ongoing support, which I feel is a must-have for a technical course like RIMM

Lincoln Heng

Given a chance again I would definitely enrol again. I was telling myself I am very glad that I did kinda of 'beg' David to take me as his student.

Serene Ng

Most definitely! The knowledge gained, the support and love given and the bonding created, is again, PRICELESS.

Eday Ismail

Definitely, with the knowledge we acquired together and the friendship we all had developed, I would love to rewind over and over again with precious moment we all had...

William Sim

Yes! Definitely I will. Given another chance, I would enrol again and again.

Ivan Lee

Definitely YES. That was why I recommended Francis straight away.

Teddy Lim

I will definitely join again.

Eugene Chieng

Yes! Would love to go to the next one too!

Alan Sim

Definitely. No doubt about it.

Den Jasmani

Without a doubt, I would enrol again. And again.

Ceekay Soh

Yes I would go for it again.

Rell Cai

Yes. In a heartbeat.

Dennis Lim

YES!! Without a Doubt.

Dickson Lee


The Experience

This course isn't just a digital marketing course; it's practically taking over an entire business system that can help propel you further in your real estate business, and give you an amazing advantage over majority of the industry!

Helluva internet marketing course, and the camaraderie that develops from the course, comes from the passion that lies within every individuals.

The Best Real Estate Internet Marketing Course where All Secret is Revealed.

The BEST COURSE attended so far and am very confident that I will get my investment returns many many THOUSAND folds back !!!

Mind-Blowing Course that helps you to connect the dots in Internet Marketing

Your will own the roadmap to internet marketing and utilize this skill to be the next top producer.

Truly comprehensive course which covers all the aspects one would need to know before starting to invest in online marketing.

Mind blowing, brain-fried internet Marketing course presented with a human touch and loving/brotherly way

The Real Internet Marketing Guru

One hell of a course with strong bonding among the batch.

This course is mind blowing, in-depth and comprehensive.

Simply mind blowing Internet Marketing Course I’ve ever attended.

A course delivered with so much love that it turns strangers into family. And of course underground 'hacks' on how to dominate the Internet Marketing scene for Real Estate.

More than just a marketing course, it blew my mind on how powerful Internet Marketing can be.

The course is everything I wanted and more. The depth of knowledge David and Valerie have in Internet Marketing is unreal. Also The camaraderie forged over the course will last a lifetime.

Meet the 2nd Circle

In, and always in.

"A course delivered with so much love that it turns strangers into family."

















The is only the beginning...

It has been a great time of learning the inner works of internet marketing. Huge THANK YOU to David and Valerie for their time, patience and effort.

Not only did I gain new knowledge here, but also gotten to know many all wonderful people in the group. This is only the beginning, let's all have wonderful breakthrough together! This is the place to learn Internet Marketing! #RIMM

RIMM Member

Selfless sharing, amazing bonds.

I would like to express my gratitude to David Chong & Valerie Low for creating this RIMM family aka the Akatsuki of Internet Marketing (Naruto fans will get this lol)

It's really a place of belonging whereby like minded individuals regardless of agencies and status come together to help one another, share selflessly and chase our dreams together.

Tons of laughter and memories were made in the classroom as well as the overseas trip which really bonded all of us better (seriously a brilliant idea).

Thank you once again for accepting me into the family. Looking forward to future success with #RIMM

RIMM Pioneer

Join the Circle

The Inner Circle members.. that's how you get in.


For the knowledge and the friendship forge during the 8 days, I can’t really put a price tag to this course. The experience and knowledge learnt is something money can’t buy.

In today’s Real estate industry, I would reckon this course would easily value at $20,000

Priceless, advertising in Google Adwords alone cost a bomb to get results if we are not equipped with the right knowledge.

I would say that its well worth the money spent. Most of the knowledge i acquired through external courses is only equivalent to one of the day's information in RIMM.

Priceless! This course and the Inner Circle is instrumental in not just helping me to become aware of the knowledge but it also helped developed my skills.

To put a value? $20,000


$15,000 to $18,000

Very valuable.

This course is priceless, but if I must put a figure, would gladly pay $10,000-$15,000 easily.

Priceless. Its an absolute honour to be accepted into both David’s and Valerie’s mentorship.

$15k at least, for all the time, effort, materials, dedication and support!

5-fig minimum, the knowledge gained is worth it.

Value wise, I’d say well above 5 figures, in the range of $20k at least.

I would say, this course is invaluable.

The Mentor

Very Knowledgeable, Very intelligent guy. I am surprised that he reads so many books. Definitely knows his technical stuff. Passionate about the Internet Marketing subject. Delivered what he promises. Very willing to help us succeed. Such a person is hard to come across in our industry.

This guy knows his work thoroughly in and out and deep down to the sea bed. And not only is David amazing, his wife Valerie really impressed me. She's really helpful, patient and made sure we got things done and left no man behind.

David is someone who really knows his stuff well when it comes to digital marketing, not just in theory but also in practice. He is passionate about the subject matter as well as helping members of the Inner Circle to succeed. David is someone I see with a character to do the right thing, and determined to pursue his passion in practical ways. As he delivers the course, he is also able to share insights and details to the every steps in the methodology.

Awesome, the mentor with a heart of gold, always putting his students first and going the extra mile making sure all of us (students) get the best out of this course.

Amazing. He's real, legit. He delivers more than what he promised. Full of passion when conducting his class. Worries when students are lost. David is a great mentor indeed.

David is passionate about sharing his knowledge and determined about building an inner circle to benefit every course attendee.

David is someone with the knowledge & most important a heart for all his students!

Honest, passionate, responsible, positive and full of drive.

David is extremely passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge, and he sincerely wants the best for every of his students!

He wants to see his students succeed and has invested time and effort to make RIMM a family for everyone.

David shared everything he knows without holding back. And these are the exact same secrets he used that have brought him so much success.

I can feel David’s sincerity in dealings with him. A genuine guy who knows his subject matters inside out, able and willing to share all his knowledge to his students for everyone’s success.

The course is not easy, the learning curve is steep. But David will be there to make sure everyone catches up. He's a mentor who has his student's best interest at heart.

Extremely Experienced and knowledgeable in this vast and complicated Internet field, knows what he is doing and going all out for this students

A Trainer who is passionate about course delivery, a mentor who hope all his “trainees” will surpass him one day, a leader who motivates us to scale greater heights.

David is selfless, knowledgeable, meticulous who goes all out for his students. Most importantly, his passion in passing all the knowledges to us is unparalleled.

He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Internet Marketing and definitely knows his stuff. He cares for his students and will be there for you even after the course ends.

Meet the 3rd Circle

Aaron Tay

Adrienne Tan

Ana KP

Andreas Tan

Danis Lim

Desmond Tan

Jeron Lee

Jonathan Koh

Kaylee Sng

Kevin Aw

Tay Cheng Hee

Thea Hoi

Amazing experience, fantastic bond

Thank you so much David Chong and Valerie Low for the sharing! It has been nothing but amazing experiences with all of you!

Excited to continue the fantastic bond we shared 😘 can’t wait for all of us to excel! 🎉 The future will be pretty incredible!

RIMM Member

(With newfound knowledge) Excited to start this new year

Thanks David and Valerie for your open sharing, dedication to helping us improve, and caring guidence! I'm so excited to start this new year with all of you and start implementing all the things you've thought!

Looking forward to catching up with you every Tuesday and may we grow from strength to strength this year and everyone will be exceeding their targets!

RIMM Member

Skills that can be used anywhere...

Thank you David Chong and Valerie Low for imparting the great skills to us! These skills can really be used anywhere, not just in real estate.

When we walked through that door, we knew nothing. You showed us the path, and guided us along.

I may be the quietest, but deep inside me I'm extremely grateful to the both of you, for the commitment level and selflessness you've shown upon us (the long and intensive days we've been through)

I salute the both of you!

RIMM Pioneer

No limit where this unconditional sharing culture can take us

The takeaway from this training be it knowledge or friendship is simply amazing.

The course might have ended but I know the strong support within our inner circle is here to stay and there is no limit to where this unconditional sharing culture could take us.

If I get to choose all over again, I would still go for this and I’m truly glad I did 🤜🤛

RIMM Member

Honest Thoughts

Take the leap of faith; it's worthwhile and easily the best decision you'll ever make.

You can be a fresh sheet of blank paper and will still benefit from this course.

The 'Inner Circle' component of the course ensures that you won't be alone in the journey of being a 'internet realtor'

Just enrol and you won’t regret it.

Just go for it.

You are in good hands.

Learning from the Real Producer is the way to go.

If you want to learn and great stuff, just go for it.

This course is not just about learning the how. By joining this course, you join an Inner Circle, where we help each other master the skills and grow. How often do you attend a course and wish there is someone to help you develop the skill after the course over? This will not happen here. However, you must be prepared to practice what is taught and work hard on it and the Inner Circle will be here to help you along.

Be prepared to be blown away. I believe no matter how competent you are in Internet Marketing, if you are looking for courses such as David’s, then be prepared to BE BLOWN AWAY!

For those thinking of joining this course, come with an open clear mind and be ready to unlearn, relearn and follow David’s instruction.

the course is very comprehensive, knowledge-packed, the value of the course is definitely more than what you are paying.

Put your heart and soul, 100% concentration on the lessons. This course is not for those who wants fast results - must have patience and proper planning, know what you're doing. Follow your teacher diligently!

With someone like David and Valerie who had walked the paths that hasn’t been paved by others its an assurance itself that sometimes its money can’t buy, of course it comes with respect and humility to be able to learn and understand everyone else in the class.

STOP looking around for the “BEST” or “MOST EFFECTIVE” Course, David will reveal all secret you need to know about Internet Marketing.

He has been there at the top and done that. Proven himself many times. I can sense David's sincerity to teach what he knows and be a great coach.

Be part of the Revolution​

Stay on this page. Or be part of the Circle.

To join RIMM, you must know a fellow student or be recommended in.​

RIMM Next Intake in April 2021.